Kids & Teen Yoga

  • develops physical flexibility and strength

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  • refines balance and coordination

  • improves focus and concentration

  • supports positive mental health

  • fosters good character development

  • we are a learning destination with Children's University

Children are naturally attracted to yoga, they love the challenge and delight of creating fun poses with their bodies. Our yoga classes support the children to gradually move with ease. Children learn breathing techniques and a simple meditation that are invaluable tools for a healthy mental outlook.  Important values like respect, sharing and caring for others are learnt through engaging yoga games. Kids yoga is absolutely a lot of fun and are taught by qualified and registered Kids Yoga Instructors.

Teen yoga helps to build resiliance, focus and balance.  Poses taught help with to develop strong backs, digestion, relieve anxiety and improve positive, mental well being.  The foundation of the program is small classes that foster a safe space for teenagers to explore movement and develop the tools to be better equipped to manage a busy mind.


Kids Yoga Findon - Wednesdays 4.30 pm 

Suitable for ages 5 - 11 years of age

Held in the creche area of Findon Swim School 

Kids Yoga Norwood - Wednesdays 4.00 pm 

Suitable for ages 5 - 9 years of age

Teen Yoga Norwood - Wednesdays 4.45 pm 

Suitable for ages 10 -16 years of age

Held in the creche area of Norwood Swim School


Kids Yoga Prices

Intro 3 Class Kids Yoga Pass $25

Casual Class - $14

10 Class Pass - $120



Book Online or Phone 0432 153 101


INTRO OFFER $25 for 3 Classes BUY NOW

You can book online for Norwood, East End & Kids Yoga classes.  Classes at Flinders Park just pay on arrival.